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Introduction: At ABN, we believe that privacy is very important. This Privacy Policy applies to your use of Door Lock Screen across all platforms and related services provided by us. ABN has created this policy to explain our privacy practices so that you will understand what information about you is being collected, used, and disclosed with respect to our applications and services.

What Kind of Information We Collect

Personal Information: We do not collect any personal information. We can’t stand services that ask you for things like your gender or income level for no apparent reason.

How We Use Collected Information

Personal Information: Since we do not collect personal information, we do not use your personal information in any way.

Users with Whom You Share Your Information: We cannot control the actions of other users with whom you share your information. We cannot, and do not, control the information you share with other users using an application, the services, or the site (including via forums), nor how such other users will use or share such information. We are not responsible for third-party circumvention of our security measures.

Contacting Us: If you have any questions or comments about this policy or our privacy practices, or to report any violations of the policy or abuse of an application, the services, or the site, please contact us at: